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Spaziosafari was born from experience, but also and above all from passion and our mission is to make our Clients live a dream.
This is a magical land, made up of beautiful landscapes and friendly and welcoming people.In Tanzania you breathe nature, you live it. There is nothing that beats the feeling of being a few meters from a big cat, an elephant, a herd of buffaloes or any of the incredible animals that populate the African savannah.
The photographic safari is a special trip that gives amazing emotions and an experience absolutely worth doing.
In addition to safaris, there are also many opportunities to get in touch with the multifaceted Tanzanian culture and at the same time have the wonderful feeling of having helped the local communities to improve the quality of their life.
The islands, then, can add color and charm to an already unique experience with their white beaches that plunge into the beautiful Indian Ocean.
A warm scented breeze or a sunset in front of the infinite are indelible and full of emotion memories.
Tanzania is a demanding destination from an economic point of view, but the resources are used in a conservation policy that makes Tanzanian parks one of the best destinations on the entire continent. Come to Tanzania with Spaziosafari, here dreams are reality and the magic never ends.

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