Arusha National Park

A few kilometres far from Arusha there is the national park of the same name. It is a small jewel that spreads over an area of 137 km2. Covered by tropical rainforest, it hosts Mount Meru, an ancient almost dormant volcano with an elevation of 4,566 meters: the second highest mountain of Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. It includes giant bamboo woodlands, tropical rainforest, and it is home to hyenas, leopards and about 400 species of bird.
Within the park there are the Ngurdoto Crater, a 3-km-wide caldera with a wide variety of wildlife, and the Momella Lakes, 7 small alkaline lakes where huge communities of pink flamingos can be spotted.
Other mammals living there are giraffes, buffalos and elephants; on the contrary, lions are totally absent.
Just a curiosity: the park is scattered with Strangler Figs, a parasite plant that entwines its roots and trunk around a host tree to take its nutrients as long as it dies. 

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