Katavi National Park

The third largest national park of Tanzania, Katavi National Park covers an area of 4,471 km2 and you reach it by land starting from the city of Sumbawanga but only by off-road vehicles, or by air flying from the main cities.
Before its opening in 1974, it was ruined by poaching and illegal hunting, but it is now full of charm, as it was once.
It lies in the middle of a true wild region with record-breaking figures: over 20,000 buffalos and, as it seems, 4,000 elephants. Not to forget predators, large herds of ungulates and a large number of birds, whose species exceed 400, e.g. the strange African skimmer also known as scissors-bill.
Lovely scenery with floodplains, small seasonal lakes, miombo woodlands and cliffs created by the Rift Valley. A thrilling isolated and seldom visited paradise. 

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