To reach the town of Kondoa starting from Arusha, you should drive along the road that leads to the capital city of Dodoma. The roughest and driest area of the country, but the travel is certainly worth it.
Not far from Kondoa and from the village of Kolo, you arrive at Rock-Art Site, reachable by off-road vehicles and on foot by the end. It hosts rock paintings by native primitive people who inhabited these harsh areas.
These very ancient paintings date back about 6,000 years and were created using ochre. They depict stick figures, rites, dances, the Mother Earth, birds and much more. It is traditionally believed that these stunning wonders were created by the Sandawe tribe. One of the most charming aspect is how humans were painted: women are bold, men instead have got long hair.
The colour was fixed with animal fat and this is the reason why we can admire it even today.
In the site of Pahi you can also see white and black paintings attributed to the Rangi tribe and are almost 1,000 years ago.
The Fenga Rock-Art Site is the most famous. You can get there by climbing on foot the hill for the last kilometre. It is famous for a painting depicting a group of people trying to trap an elephant.
Tanzania has become a symbol of national parks, but its kaleidoscopic culture is interesting as well and it gives us the opportunity to deep dive into Tanzania’s soul: a so vast but composite country at the same time. 

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