Photo Safari

The word safari in Swahili means travel and is used to define what is now a photographic safari in the parks and savannahs of Tanzania.

Photo safaris, or game drives, are visual and sensory experiences that bring you into contact with nature and are suitable for all those who love adventure.
In Tanzania, the excellent conservation policy has made it possible to create spectacular national parks and nature reserves where you can immerse yourself in unique environments armed with photographic equipment to immortalize animals and magical moments.
A resting lion, a giraffe that delicately grazes the tallest leaves of an acacia, an elephant passing by showing off all its immensity or a sunset in front of
the fire are moments that will always be remembered, details full of sensations.

The hours spent in the jeep are special hours, a journey into nature, an inexhaustible source of strong emotions. Sometimes you proceed in search of
some animal, sometimes you stop waiting for a lion to move, a leopard to emerge from the branch of a tree or simply to admire a suggestive glimpse.

Unpaved paths that cross endless areas or dense forests add a touch of charm to days and game drives.

Unpaved paths that cross endless areas or dense forests add a touch of charm to days and game drives.
They seduce with the magnetism that only the savannah can unleash.

The silence is broken by the noises of nature with its characteristic scents of an extraordinary world.

This is a photo safari. This is what is to be expected. This is the true meaning of travel: the discovery of nature, sharing, tranquillity, empathy.
There are two Swahili expressions that are often heard during a safari and which contain the whole Tanzanian soul in a few words: polepole and hakuna matata.

The first means ‘slowly slowly’ and is the guideline to follow during the journey. It is not necessary to run, on the contrary, you have to go slowly to savor every moment. The second means ‘without problems’. Abandoning rationality to make room for emotionality is the secret to disposing
one’s soul for an adventure that will remain forever in the heart of those who live it.

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