Ruaha National Park

Slightly more than 100 km far from Iringa, on the bridge crossing the Great Ruaha River, you enter this national park characterized by a wide range of flora and fauna.
It is 13,000 km2 wide and it lies at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Everything here revolves around the river and its landscape offers an astonishing variety of flora: not only forests, but also dry areas and savannah.
An astonishing flora: the amount of species that can be found in Serengeti National Park doubles here and, of course, the fauna is likewise various.
Ruaha, as well as Selous, is home to wild dogs, elsewhere extinct, but you can also observe lions, antelopes, greater and lesser kudu, crocodiles, hippos, many waterbirds like the saddle-billed stork. In other words, its real claim to fame is its extraordinary variety of stunning animals.
In Ruaha it is possible to take part in a walking safari along the river banks, accompanied by an armed ranger. 

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