Tanga is Tanzania’s third largest city after Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. It lies on the northern coast of the country, 350 km far from Dar.
It was at its apogee before Dar es Salaam became the main port of the country. Although this pretty town experienced its glory days once, as we can imagine just by admiring its historical buildings, in that period it fell into decline.
Tanga’s wealth was founded on the surrounding sisal farms, an agave whose fibres were turned into ropes, baskets, carpets and other many objects.
When port activities shifted from Tanga to Dar and after the synthetic fabric became more popular in rope production due to its lower cost, Tanga’s economy shrank.
Leaving Tanga you can go on interesting excursions like a walk through the mangrove forests, a visit to the ruins of the city of Shirazi of Tongoni, a day out in the sulphurous springs of Galamos or in the Amboni Caves, underground caves inhabited by thousand bats and subject of many legends. 

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