Planning the trip

Planning the trip… You have bought the ticket? Good!

The first step is done.  Now you need to be aware of all those basic things that are necessary for spending a happy holiday.

One of the nightmares of all the tourists is malaria. It is endemic in Tanzania, above all on the coast and in Zanzibar and, if it is not properly treated, it is REALLY dangerous. The prophylaxis is the best way to face the problem and keep in mind that the worst moments of the day for a close encounter with miss Anopheles are dawn and sunset. Doctors give also indications for some vaccinations: they are not compulsory, but I agree with doctors. They are yellow fever, hepatitis A and typhus.

Apart from this, there is the list of medecines you absolutely have to put in your suitcase. I am talking about general antibiotics, pills for diarrhea and allergies and a repellent for insects which, combined with the mosquito net, puts you definitely into a safe zone. Don’t forget a sunscreen lotion and a first aid kit.

It is useful to subscribe an insurance for more serious cases with the option of being brought back to your country. The percentage of this cases is very low, don’t worry, but  it is better to do whatever is possible before instead of regretting after.

Another very important issue is about preparing the suitacase.

Start with choosing the colours: two or three at most. This helps with interchangeability and, considering the kind of holiday, with the numerous transfers. Last but not least it also helps with insects: don’t choose dark colours, especially blue. Insects are attracted by them. Sage green, beige, light brown are fine. To be clear: all the colours that you can find in the bush.

You must contemplate normal clothes like trousers and t-shirts, but also a couple of sweaters, a light jacket, something for a sudden storm, two pairs of comfortable trekking shoes and a big hat.

On the plane it is better to bring a small backpack with many pockets in which you can put and pull out your documents with ease, a book for the endless flight, your laptop and the horrible horseshoe shaped pillow. It is disgusting, I know, but it prevents you from falling on your neighbour during the numerous naps and allows you to rest better.

Forget the last paragraph if you booked a business class ticket.

Now you know everything there is to know and I can only wish you a wonderful trip!