Arusha in deep

Arusha in deepArusha is a nice town North of Tanzania

Arusha is famous for being the starting point for all the safaris of the Northern Circuit. But Arusha is also much more. Born at the end of the 19th century, after the independence in 1964 it started to develop very rapidly and to obtain importance. It is the capital of the East African Community and it hosts the headquarters of Tanapa, the agency in charge of managing all the Tanzanian National Parks. Not bad for a little town of 400.000 inhabitants! It is located at the foot of Mount Meru, one of the highest of all Africa, and for this reason it has a mild climate all year long.

Arusha is plunged in vegetation and coffee plantations of Arabica quality. The best. Try it in one of the numerous bars you can find anywhere: you will be overwhelmed.

If you want to move inside the town you can choose among a lot of opportunities, apart from the regular taxis and the buses, called Daladala. You can try a Bodaboda, a motorcycle taxi that can bring an astonishing number of passengers, together with huge packages. It is amazing, and a miracle, what it can face. If it rains? No problem: you can pick up one with the umbrella. Or maybe you are romantic and you prefer a Bajaji, a very small car with three wheels and courtains from which you can look outside without being looked at.

The center of Arusha is the Clock Tower.

It is in the middle of a roudabout from which the two main roads start, It seems it has been built halfway between Cairo in Egypt and Cape Town in South Africa, the two ends of the British Empire. It is the city symbol and everybody loves it.

Arusha in deep


At the end of Boma Road, near the Clock Tower, there is an old German Boma: apart from the historical meaning of the building itself, nowadays it has been converted into a very interesting museum of Natural History.

Clock Tower

All the sections are really well organized, but the main attraction is the section dedicated to human evolution and the research of the Leakeys, who discovered the remains of the Australopithecus Boisei in a place called the Olduvai Gorge, between Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. A fascinating trip into our origins. 

In the surroundings of Arusha you can find the Arusha National Park

Dominated by Mount Meru, or experience an excursion at the Duluti Lake where you can meet a very strange creature: the monitor lizard, not to mention the Cultural Program trips organized with the purpose of approaching the complex and charming Tanzanian culture.

To conclude our tour of Arusha we must spend a few words on the typical Tanzanian food. You can find any kind of meat and fish: grilled, fried or cooked in coconut sauce. Very tasty. They are served with vegetables and ALWAYS with ugali, the national dish. It is a sort of thick corn pudding which is the main and always present side dish.

As you can see, this town offers much to the traveller. Don’t miss anything!