Arusha in winter

It is amazing how things are different when you pass the frontier of the Equator, coming from another hemisphere.

Arusha in winterArusha in winterI left Italy and its 35 degrees to arrive at destination in the middle of the Tanzanian winter in Arusha. This means sweathers, socks and jackets, at least during mornings and evenings, and in a few moments you reconcile yourself with life.

The trip is always endless, but worthy. Today the sky is covered, most of the insects are resting and I can enjoy a relaxing lunch in one of the numerous restaurants, surrounded by Tanzanian people and typical Tanzanian food.

The town is quiet, people walk on the sidewalks with their winter clothes and the Maasai men add an incredible number of blankets to their normal ones to face the cold weather.

It is my first day out since I am back and I am taking my time, enjoying every second. I feel home. I feel I am in the right place.

After the restaurant we stop at the first hairdresser: Moody wants to cope with his overcurly African hair. Two ladies are torturing him to smooth it. It takes one hour and a half. I never realized before how much my hair is simple to manage.

The second hairdresser must cut and give a shape to hair and beard. The result is astonishing!

Arusha in winter

The cold doesn’t stop any of the street activities, sellers above all, with plenty of items for all needs, and students, walking to or coming back from school in their uniforms. Groups of boys and groups of girls chatting of each other, I guess.

Every now and then a Land Cruiser passing by reminds me that Arusha is the gate to the parks of the Northern Circuit. They don’t know yet that they are going to make a rare experience, one of those they will never forget, or they already did it and are waiting to be brought back to reality.

The daladalas, the city buses, never stop and seek clients with their horn, while the bodabodas wait patiently to bring a lady to the city center or a man to his office.

My first day out here, a typical day in Arusha in winter, an endless love.