We wake up in our splendid apartment in Bagamoyo ready to visit this town when we discover that a few kilometers far away there is an ancient Shirazi village with interesting ruins. Can we miss it? Of course not!


The Mosque

As soon as we arrive at the parking lot we realize that the place will be worthy. The site is composed by a mosque and a few graves of the Shirazi period, 13th Century. The original name of the village was Pumbuji, later changed into Kalole by the Wazaramo tribe, which means ‘go and see’, probably referring to the ruins.

Everything is well kept, even if time has worked. The mosque has no roof anymore, but if you want to enter you need to wash and take off your shoes.

The graves hide stories and legends…. the one with the big column was built for a very important man. In front of it the twin tombs of his two wives.

Behind them a grave that tells a very sad and, at the same time, sweet story.

It hosts a young man and his wife. They were very much in love and died together in an accident. Even nowadays young and less young couples come to take a picture in front of it, hoping in endless love.

Not far from there, there is the most famous one. A girl of 12 was buried in it, Sharifa. She was a special girl: she could predict the future. For this reason the legend tells that she was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

Walking a few steps from the graves it is possible to reach the ancient port, now closed and covered with mangroves.

You can enjoy also a small museum which illustrates some interesting features of the site and the way of life of Shirazi people.

The legends are not finished yet! The village has got a baobab tree. It is said that if you walk around it clockwise it will lengthen your life. On the contrary, if you walk around it counterclockwise, it will shorten it. Knowing it before, it’s not difficult to decide which way is better!

There is a special charm in visiting ancient places. It is like breathing the same air ancient people breathed and this puts you in immediate connection with them.