Strolling around in Arusha

Strolling around in Arusha

strollingstrollingUndoubtedly Arusha is to be considered my city of adoption in Tanzania. I spend most of my Tanzanian time here and I must admit that I think of it as my second home.

At the beginning I was a bit scared by the differencies with my world, the western world. Now, after four years of ups and downs from Italy, I live it like a pair of old, comfortable shoes. Always at ease. Always in place.

This is the reason why I also started a parallel life with all the little features of my life at home.

First of all, the day must start with a very corroborative walk.

Today Moody and I decide to leave our usual route for two reasons: the wish to change and the decision to lengthen it.

We park the car at the beginning of a dirt road and we begin to walk. Astonishingly we venture into a tree-lined road.  Beyond the trees some coffee plants shyly emerge. Then others, then thousands. It’s a plantation! We go on walking to find out how big it is. It is huge.  And we walk. We are so interested in this wonder that we don’t realize we have been strolling for kilometers.

Some of the plants still carry the red ripe fruits: it is harvest season and the most part of the coffee has already been collected. They are so beautiful. So perfect in their lines.


The tree-lined road arrives at its end and crosses one of the main streets. We have been walking a lot: it is necessary to go back to the car. We are a bit tired, but not too much and Moody decides to run instead of walking. I cannot follow him: I let him go and continue on my way.

It takes me one hour to reach the car. Now I am dead tired. It comes out that the trip has been eight kilometers long, but I am happy. We have discovered one of the many hidden corners of Arusha: tomorrow we will come back!