Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

This park is one of the nicest of the Northern Circuit. Its name comes from the Mbugwe language, the language of the tribe that traditionally lived in this area, and it is inserted in the Eastern branch of the Tanzanian Rift Valley. It is crossed by the Tarangire River: a source of life for plants and animals.

This park is famous for its large communities of huge elephants and baobabs and for the legend that an incredible number of pythons is used to rest on tree branches while digesting the prey. It is probably true, but it is not so easy to witness.

Much easier is to watch hundreds of species of birds. Among them the beautiful and sweet yellow-collared lovebird. Its story is almost unbelievable. It chooses its mate and they never separate for life.

It is possible to find grasslands and marshes in the Southern part of the park which give the visitor outstanding views.

It covers an area of approximately 2.600 square meters and the river is central for the life inside: during the dry season it is possible to witness a small migration of wildebeests and zebras towards the waters and, in general, it guarantees a high concentration of animals.

It is 120 kilometres far from Arusha and this means it is quite easily attainable.

For lunch it is not rare to stop at the viewpoint on the river.

I have been there several times and EVERY time I found a little monkey trying to steal some food. It is obvious it is always a different monkey, but EVERY time it is able to reach a table, take something quickly and run away with the swag. Feeding animals is strictly forbidden in all the Tanzanian parks, but this is a singular sort of situation. My son once tried to escape from it and he has been chased for 10 minutes. Another time it was a piece of cake which attracted all the monkeys of the surroundings and created a mess.

Every Tanzanian park is a little world. It is not possible to choose the best or the most beautiful: all of them are special. The secret is how you visit them: it is a physical and an intimate experience.

It involves everything. It is necessary to follow heart and senses and it will be unforgettable.