Lake Victoria


The African name of Lake Victoria is Lake Nyanza and it is positioned in the North-West of Tanzania, but it is part of Kenya and Uganda as well.

It covers an area of approximately 68.800 square kilometres and, not difficult to believe it, it is the largest lake of the African continent as well as the second of the entire planet. It is huge. I could imagine since I found myself in front of it, then I realized. I have never seen something so impressive.

It has been studied and searched by the most famous explorers of the Victorian Age. I am talking about Speke and Burton looking for the source of the Nile. I am talking about David Livingstone, who denied that it could be the source of the Nile. I am talking about Stanley, who confirmed it is the actual source of the Nile after circumnavigating it and having found the Ripon Falls, starting point of the White Nile. Fascinating.

An age of adventures, of perils, of great discoveries. The majesty of the lake must have shocked these explorers: the first Europeans to find themselves face to face with this giant.Inside it there are thousands of small islands: the most famous is Rubondo Island, a paradise for birdwatching, with


a little community of chimpanzee and the rare sitatunga antelope as well. In the southern part there is the city of Mwanza, second Tanzanian city and main port of the lake. Mwanza is nice, people are friendly and kopjes, large blocks of granite, sprout everywhere. This part of Tanzania is the traditional land of the Sukuma tribe which counts more than 3 million people. It is possible to visit a very interesting open-air museum at Bujora,

15 kilometers from Mwanza, where the tribe is well documented and introduced by a great guide.At 45 kilometers from Musoma, another city on the lake, there is the little town of Butiama, hometown of Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania, the ‘father of the Nation’.

A little museum with personal things, diaries and photos allows the visitor to keep in touch with the most beloved president of all.It is easy to understand that Tanzania is a special place, full of special corners. Everything is worthwhile. Don’t miss anything!