Lake Duluti: In Tanzania moving around is the secret for discovering wonderful corners, often neglected by the tourists concentrated on the famous and astonishing National Parks.

Papyrus plants

Everything here is astonishing to tell the truth. Nature did a great job and there is not one place which is without a story or without interest. You must only ‘jump’ into it.

It was in this way that I discovered Lake Duluti. One morning I got up without anything special to do. It was dry season: very hot. Moody, who is unable like me to face a day with no schedule, proposed to go on a little trip to Lake Duluti. He assured me that it was worthy: I accepted instantly.

It took more or less half an hour to reach it from Arusha, then we met with the guide just on the shores of the lake where strange papyrus plants welcomed us.

There are two ways of approaching the excursion: a long walk in the forest along the perimeter of the lake or in a canoe.

We decided for the walk: it is true there are no crocodiles nor hippos, but I feel more at ease on ground.

Monitor lizard

As we started we received the first info from the guide: Duluti is a volcanic lake, very deep, almost 700 meters, and it is powered only by underground sources. It is surrounded by a thick forest. This means a lot of things, first of all that reptiles abound and in Tanzania there are not only harmless reptiles.

While we walked on the path I started to feel something strange. Nothing specific, just unusual. I turned to a big tree whose trunk was lying on the water and I suddenly saw it. Monstrous. Huge. Unreal. A monitor lizard walking slowly, heading towards the water. I remained freezed, hypnotized. It was the most astonishing and most hideous animal I had ever seen. The tongue: disturbing. The guide didn’t understand my reaction probably: he is used to these creatures. I am not. I remained motionless for a time I can hardly estimate, then we started to walk again.

It seemed we were out of reality in that forest and it took a couple of hours to arrive back to the starting point. Not without some little obstacles on the way like the aggression by an ant colony: they found a way through my shoes and in a few seconds my feet became black. Fortunately, we managed to get rid of them and to laugh about it.

Before going back to the car I turned to the lake for a last view and I could admire the gigantic Mount Meru that dominates over this corner. What a landscape!!