Behind the curtains

Animals In The Bush

Anyone, ANYONE, that chooses a safari in the bush as a holiday wants to witness the best that nature can offer.


Secretary bird

This means lions, leopards, cheetahs and all the other extraordinary creatures our fantasy has always coveted.

I agree. Absolutely. Nonetheless, I want to dedicate some time to other extraordinary creatures, not as much fascinating at first sight, but astonishing as well.

Let’s start with baboons. They are smarter than ever. Always in search of food, they often live in the gardens of lodges or nearby. Families can be huge, from 15 to 50 members. They have studied how to open doors and windows usind handles, that’s why it’s better to lock everything. I love them, but I don’t think that finding one of them in the other half of my bed would be pleasant. Every time I look at them, they are able to amaze me. Organized. Suspicious. Human most of the time.

Another interesting creature is the agama lizard.

The male is half red and half blue. Very trendy. Very fond of himself, always wandering in search of grey females while showing off its beauty.

And birds: storks of many kinds, so similar to middle aged women with their big chests and their thin legs; or the secretary bird. Proud. It eats insects usually, but its favourite dish are snakes.

Last but not least, insects.

I noticed that they are much bigger compared to ours: it is possible to ride some of them. I am talking about grasshoppers, crickets or beetles the size of a bird, and termites of course, with their enormous houses: it is almost unbelievable what occurs inside. A 10 centimeters queen produces thousands of eggs every day. The ‘workers’ group takes care of eggs, cleans and provides food for the queen, while the ‘soldiers’ address themselves to security inside and outside. Unbelievable.

These are just a few examples: the bush is an endless surprise for anyone interested in discovering all its aspects, not only the most striking ones. Hidden stories, hidden secrets, hidden lives to discover behind the curtains.