The black rhino


The black rhino is a sweet animal, shy, solitary. It is highly endangered in Tanzania and it is a real pity because it is an astonishing mammal.

It is massive, almost a ton in weight, with legs that look like columns and it brings its two horns that are used basically for defense or intimidation as well as to dig in search of roots. They are enormous: the front one can measure up to 80 centimeters.

His view is very bad, but it can manage perfectly with excellent hearing and smell. It cannot be said that it is aggressive without reason, but, if unreasonably disturbed, it can charge and reveal itself as very dangerous. When it charges its head touches the ground and its tail is upright. Not very pleasant to find an angry one, so stay away from its cubs or avoid bothering in any way: if you are so lucky as to meet one, just admire and take pics.

One of its main activities is rolling in the mud. The purposes are two: lower the temperature and get rid of parasites that afflict many animals.

I happened to cross a few of them in the Tanzanian parks I visited: it is not that easy. Always strolling around while eating grass, so quiet, so strange. A handful in Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, but the highest concentration is in Selous Game Reserve.

Inside Serengeti National Park there is a little museum, the Moru Museum, dedicated to this species. It is so small and immersed in the vegetation that you need to know where it is to reach it. Inside there are photos, drawings and physical findings that explain perfectly the features and the behaviour of this incredible animal.

The Swahili word for rhino is kifaru: isn’t it beautiful?