Little stories in Selous

Little stories in Selous

Little stories in SelousThe night has passed quietly. We meet with the other guests for breakfast and greet them before leaving. They are staying longer: only a couple of sweet honeymooners is coming with us on the plane which will bring us to Ruaha National Park. While on our way to the plane, we enjoy a last game drive and we make some interesting encounters.

The first one is with a young elephant.

‘Young’, as relating to elephants, is a very elastic adjective. As they can live up to even more than 70, 15/20 years is considered youth. This particular guy is wandering alone in the bush, eating leaves here and there and enjoying his freedom. Not far, there are other solitary lads.

A hippo. He is enjoying too: refreshing himself in the mud. And a monitor lizard crossing not so slowly as I would expect.

The river is always present and brings its water where more needed.

A giraffe checks very carefully for predators and, at last, he drinks, protected by his mates just a few meters away. And a little monkey carrying a big fruit. Maybe she is looking for the right place where to eat it.

The hot is still humid, nontheless I am not so happy of leaving this place. Peace and silence are everywhere. The only sounds are those of nature and, every now and then, of our voices.

At last, we reach the airstrip: our little plane is already there.

We have some minutes before the departure: just the time to thank Zacharia for his competence and kindness, and Emmanuel for having driven well and taken us to wonderful places.

The plane takes off and we can say goodbye to Rufiji River and welcome the outskirts of Ruaha National Park. I look forward to arriving and to jumping into the bush again.