Ruaha day one

Ruaha day one

Ruaha National Park, together with Selous Game Reserve, is one of the most visited parks in the South of Tanzania.

Ruaha day oneIts territory covers 13.000 square meters and it finds itself at an altitude of 1.000 meters.

The heart of this park is the river, Great Ruaha River, around which life can exist and thrive. There are two other little rivers, but they see water only a few days during the year, after the big rains.

Even if it’s not seen, water flows underground. Elephants can find it digging: they love and need it, so they developed this technique to assure the herd the vital source.

Elephants are also one of the main features of the park: elephants and baobabs. As soon as we start our safari, we come across a big specimen, whose trunk has been devastated by these huge mammals in order to scratch their hard skin.

The landscape is incredible: forests, dry zones, bush spotted by acacias.

It’s almost time to eat something: our guides, Henry and Sudi, find a beautiful corner and prepare with great care for our ‘bush meal’. Before letting us get off the car, they check if the place is quite and, above all, no predator is in sight.

They set the table with a fabric tablecloth and they pull out all the good things the cook has prepared for us. There’s pasta and a very tasty roasted meat with a lot of sidedishes, fruit and something I haven’t imagined even in my wildest dreams: coffee! I feel like a queen

The place is great, the view is great, people are great, us included

We are enjoying this little corner surrounded by nature: the closest thing to Paradise I can imagine.

Enchanting :3 :3