Ruaha day two

Ruaha day two

Moody, Filippo and I are having breakfast and waiting to go to the bush with Henry and Sudi.

Last night dinner has been interesting. We experienced ‘nature’ at its best.

Ruaha day twoIn Ruaha insects are numerous, very often HUGE and, it goes without saying, free to go wherever they want. They fly, they walk, they explore your clothes and, sadly enough, they sometimes try to commit suicide in glasses and dishes. The mantis on our host palm was a real beauty.

The spider in our tent, the size of a lion, chasing me while I was barefoot, NOT so pleasant, but, as I said before, it’s ‘nature’. Moody taught me not to panic and I do my best, with some little exceptions, of course.

Breakfast is finished and we start our adventure.

The car is provided with a strange tool: a little metal box in which some dry elephant dung is burning. The purpose is to keep tse tse flies far from us. It works!!  But we cannot imagine what is waiting for us out there. Not the slightest idea…

The car turns around some bushes and she is there, resting in the shadow. I cannot believe it: a female leopard at two meters from us. Her breathing is quick. She looks at us just for some seconds, then she decides to move. Of course we chase her. Of course she moves again. We are not going to give up.

Three times we follow her, until she starts to get angry and we are obliged to leave her in peace.

Anyway, I have many pics and videos: an imperishable memory of this incredible encounter. We have been very lucky: leopards are reserved. It’s not so easy to watch one walking: they usually stay on some tree branch with their prey.  I will never forget this experience. I will never forget her ice eyes. I will never forget our car was open…

After our bush meal, we go on with our safari. We come near one of the dry rivers of the park and we cannot avoid to take a walk on a rope bridge that crosses it. It’s safe, of course. No perils at all, but it’s funny and we ask Henry to take a photo of us.

Now we must go back on our way to the plane. Time’s up. We are going back to reality: to Dar and back home to Arusha. Thanks God Tanzanian parks are an endless surprise and we meet a group of elephants under a baobab tree: a sort of bye bye committee to wish us a safe return.

I have had a great time in Ruaha: after I finish to explore the Tanzanian territory, this is one of the places I will surely visit again. It’s amazing.