Little stories in Ruaha

Little stories in Ruaha

When you decide to book a safari you know you are going to have an extraordinary experience. You know you are going to see wonders in terms of animals, plants and landscapes. You know you will never forget the trip.

What is a little bit more difficult to realize is that you are not going to meet all the elephants, all the leopards, all the animals present in the park, but only those particular animals your fate and their fate have decided to let you meet.

Little stories in RuahaHaving been in many safaris, I have come to the conclusion that they are something more than a bunch of pics, even if amazing pics.

A safari is an emotional experience.

Only in this way you can deeply appreciate it and ‘live’ it in the right way.

I have been in Ruaha National Park lately and I would like to share some of the most thrilling encounters I have had and where my fantasy and sensitivity have brought me.

During our first day in the park we stopped in a beautiful corner for our bush meal. While we were eating something caught my attention: a big big nest built on the highest branches of the tree that was making us shadow.

I was really amazed by the size of that nest and I discovered that it can weight up to 20 kilos and that its builder is the HAMMERKOP BIRD.

There are several internal rooms and a very clear round entrance.

Rooms! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were furniture!! How can a bird do that? How long does it take? How much skill?

With these questions still open in my mind we returned in the bush and we had another very interesting meeting. A young solitary lion, walking slowly, looking for something. Maybe he lost his brothers and was trying to find them. He didn’t look anxious, but how can we know? What could possibly mean for him?

And then a family of warthogs, one of elephants and a leopard tortoise in the middle of the road, quite scared.

The heart of all this wealth is the river: the source of life. A life that wakes up every morning in an astonishing environment, a savage life, where the strongest survives and the weaker risks every day, where nature is really at its best.

We felt happy to share all this, we felt privileged. A wonderful sensation of being part of something.