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With its 945,000 km2, Tanzania is an extremely wide country, whose landscape includes plateaux, plains characterized by savannah and miombo woodlands, mountain ranges, 80 km long coastline on the Indian Ocean and archipelagos like Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

These areas hide several wonders: first of all Mount Kilimanjarothe highest mountain of African continent thanks to its 5,895 meters, and some internationally well-known lakes such as Lake Victoria, on whose shores the city of Mwanza flourishes, and Lake Tanganyica, the second deepest lake in the World (1,435 m), in addition to the Great Rift Valley’s salt lakes, including Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi and Lake Manyara.

Tanzania is sprinkled with 14 national parks and roughly thirty conservation areas and fauna reserves.

The most visited parks are those of the Northern Circuit, the most studied and filmed ever. This circuit includes The Serengeti National Park, where you can see the Great Migration of wildebeests looking for grazing and water, and The Ngorongoro Conservation Areaan area densely populated by animals, with three craters – the Ngorongoro, the Olmiti and the Empakaai. Both conservation areas are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

On the borders of these two giants there is the Olduvai Gorge, an important area where the Leakeys – Kenyan anthropologists of English origin – discovered remarkable hominin remains from different prehistoric periods, included the Australopithecus Boisei, who exclusively inhabited this area.

Not to mention Mkomazi National Park, between Pare and Usambara MountainsOl Doinyo Lengai, the holy volcano of the Masaai tribe, and Lake Natron, a soda lake and home of million flamings during the breeding season.

This region also includes Lake Eyasi and Lake Manyara, in the National Park bearing the same name. The two lakes formed from depressions resulting from the eastern branch of The Great Rift Valley, and Tarangire National Park, famous not only for its large community of elephants and majestic baobabs but also for the wildebeest migration to Lake Tarangire during the dry season.

The end of the Northern Circuit is Arusha National Park, where Mount Peru stands 4,566 meters high, a few kilometres from the city of Arusha, the undisputed destination for safaris in Tanzania as well as gateway to any parks of the Northern Circuit.

Once you have crossed Usambara Mountains, you get to the coast, to the sleepy and colonial city of Tanga and to the Indian Ocean, where you find islands and archipelagos. On the coast, exactly in front of Zanzibar, there is the Saadani National Park, created in order to protect rare species, in particular dolphins and sea turtles.

From Dar es Salaam you head towards the so-called Southern Circuit which includes Mikumi National ParkRuaha National ParkUdzungwa Mountains National Parkas well as the vast area of Selous Game Reserve, the largest of Africa, where you can still bump into wild dogs, which have died out in the rest of the world, but this place is characterized by a great concentration of other species too.

In the western branch of the Great Rift Valley you find Nyassa Lakeand Tanganyika Lake, but also Gombe National Park, the smallest but famous for Jane Goodall’s research on chimpanzees, the Mahale Mountains National Park and the adjacent Katavi National Park inhabited by a huge number of hippos.

The central part of Tanzania, where the capital city Dodoma lies, is the most rugged of the country. Plateaux and grasslands characterize this area. Kondoa and other villages close to it play an important role thanks to their famous cave paintings dated back between 1,000 and 6,000 years and made by local primitive tribes. Absolutely astonishing!

Jane Goodall, a living legend

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is truly considered a living legend and with good reason. At the age of 86, she still travels for most of the year in order to bear witness and inspire new generations to respect the environment and animals through the fight against climate change and a massive conservation policy. Born in 1934 in…

Return to Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara

RETURN TO LAKE MANYARA Staying a lot of time and having so many wonders available, visits to parks, villages, tribes and everything that Tanzania can offer are the destinations of our trips in a systematic way. Lake Manyara National Park can be reached in a short time and it is a little gem of the…

Mini safari Serengeti Ngorongoro


MINI SAFARI SERENGETI-NGORONGORO A mini safari, as we call it, has several qualities and it is suitable for many. It is suitable for those who want to continue and relax a few days in the splendid islands of the Tanzanian archipelagos. It is suitable for those who fear that game drives are very demanding and…

The fossil footprints of Engare Sero

fossil footprints of Engare Sero

The fossil footprints of Engare Sero Prehistory fascinates me. I know I’ve said this many times, but it just fascinates me. 😃 Walking in the same place hominids walked thousands and thousands of years ago gives me an incredible feeling. That’s what happened when I went to fossil footprints of Engare Sero a few weeks…

The small Maasai Museum in Engare Sero

Maasai Museum

THE SMALL MAASAI MUSEUM IN ENGARE SERO The classic museum, by definition, is a place that collects works of art, objects of a historical, scientific or ethno-anthropological and cultural nature and, as a rule, is complemented by interactive teaching facilities that attract the attention of adults and kids. When we went to visit the National…

Tongoni ruins

Tongoni ruins

Tanzania, as I have had the opportunity to write several times, is not just safaris, but also history, culture, tribes, paleontology and archaeological sites and I like to go around.😃 After leaving the Amani Nature Reserve, we continued our journey heading towards the north coast and reached Pangani, a town a few kilometers from Tanga:……

Doctor Maguo: a super vet in Tanzania

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