Safari in safety

Safari in safetyThe uncertainties of recent months have certainly contributed to making us more wary of travel, especially travel to other continents, and the idea of a safari must be in total safety.

Safari in safetyThe storm that the coronavirus unleashed was not foreseeable, it was not imaginable and above all it left consequences both in terms of safety and in terms of real fear. The most frequent questions that come to me concern the procedures in the event of a possible safari in Tanzania, the Tanzanian situation of the virus, the danger threshold.

Of course, checks will be carried out at the airports by the Tanzanian authorities, as it should be, to ensure the good of all, but the quarantine has been removed and the hope of being able to really start again is becoming more and more a reality.

In the current state of things, it seems that Tanzania is safe as a destination

The cases, according to what President Magufuli says, have now almost disappeared or, at least, reduced to a handful, so much so that tourists have already started to arrive and the safari sector is slowly starting to function again. Lodges, resorts and facilities in general are resuming their activities, both as regards safaris and extensions to the islands, Zanzibar and Mafia.

The parks will be ready to receive the wageni, the arriving guests.

Safari in safety

Mafia Island

So let’s start dreaming again 😊. Serengeti, Ngorongoro and all parks in general are waiting for us with their wonders. Tanzania is one of the destinations to consider: an extraordinary journey, a unique destination that is fully understood only after seeing it. And not only for the natural beauty, the parks, the flora and fauna, but also for the people, for them, the Tanzanians, who are able to make a truly unforgettable holiday.Safari in safety

Spaziosafari will do everything possible to make you appreciate every moment. For us it is more than a job, for us it is a passion! 😍😍