Meserani Snake Park

Meserani Snake Park

On the road that leads to Serengeti, just over 20 km from Arusha, there is a very particular village, Meserani Snake Park. The entrance to the village is located inside a road that seems built in the middle of nowhere.

Meserani Snake ParkOn the left you enter the snake park: the reception is circular, quite dark, furnished in wood, then you are escorted into a garden on the edge of which a porch, shaded and cool, houses the terrariums with all the snakes.

There are about fifty of them, most poisonous and non-poisonous ones are stranglers. In short, predators, very very dangerous. The glass that separates visitors from reptiles gives security, but also shows the small access door that allows the caretakers to feed and care for them.

Someone takes care of them. Someone has the courage to open those little doors … and inside there are cobras, boomslangs, pythons of gigantic size and …, the mambas, black and green.

Definitely the main attraction, but disturbing. They crawl beyond the glass on the branches of the choreography that is in each cage and not infrequently they come closer, lengthening to look better, touching you with their icy gaze. 🐍🐍

black MambaThere are many species and a guide can show you all of them: better to take advantage, even if each guest has its personal file with features and dimensions. The explanation allows you to ask questions and go deeper, and I like to ask questions. πŸ˜ƒ

At the end of the porch there is a small collection of birds that have been hosted because wounded and treated.

They are no longer able to survive in freedom. Here they found their size.

crocodileThe last part of the park is dedicated to turtles and crocodiles: a real beauty. 🐒🐊

Meserani Snake ParkBut the surprise has yet to come. At the end of the tour, there is an opportunity to hold a harmless snake in your hands. They are very tender and, I imagine, accustomed to performance: they slip into your hands, twist around your neck and are very delicate.

After the tour, inside the intricate garden of the park, you can stop at the bar for a cold drink and get ready to visit the second attraction: the Maasai Cultural Museum.

Opposite the entrance of the reptile house, there is that of the Maasai Cultural Museum. Inexcusable to lose it. A Maasai warrior accompanies guests through the faithful reconstruction of a boma and all the traditions of the tribe.

Meserani Snake Park MuseumThe set is faithful and the path inside is fascinating.

To go out you also pass through the shop where the handmade jewelry is sold by the Maasai women, very very beautiful.

The commonly overlooked detail concerns the secondary activities of the village. With the proceeds raised, they opened a hospital and hosted 4 orphans who, through this organization, have the opportunity to heal and go to school.

Meserani Snake Park is definitely a place to visit in case you are in Arusha with a half day available. 😊😊