Yesterday, President John Pombe Magufuli officially spoke to the nation about the pandemic, specifying that Covid-19 cases have decreased significantly also in the city of Dar es Salaam, where the virus had most affected the population. Some sporadic cases remain, but the numbers are really comforting.

As regards the entry of tourists into Tanzanian territory, the control of arriving passengers will be carried out directly at the airport. Quarantine is no longer foreseen.

Some airlines will already begin this week to restore the routes to Tanzania. This on the Tanzanian front.

It remains clear, as regards tourists who wish to travel to Tanzania, that the responsibility of leaving in the absence of symptoms and with any tests done in their country must fall within the minimum measures to be taken before a possible trip.

As mentioned in the previous article, airports and airlines in Europe are organizing to ensure air transport in total safety, with controls and what is necessary to guarantee and safeguard the health of all. It will therefore be possible to start traveling to Tanzania again, even if with all possible precautions and with the awareness that compliance with the rules must always be a priority for everyone.