New travel advisory for entering Tanzania

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has continued to implement measures to contain Covid-19 pandemic, due to the new variants of the virus, especially those with regard to international travel.

These are the new measures:

  1. All authorities at points of entry should ensure that all the basic hygiene measures are taken such as hand hygiene, use of alcohol-based sanitizers, physical distancing and wearing of face-masks.
  2. Due to the current situation in India, flights are banned in Tanzania until further notice.
  3. All travellers coming from India shall be subjected to rapid test at points of entry followed by a 14 days mandatory quarantine at their own cost. Travellers subjected for mandatory quarantine shall choose a place from the list available at the airports or at designated by the Government.
  4. All travellers will be provided with health information cards with toll free number and advised to self-monitor for symptoms and signs. In case they devolop any sympoms and signs, they will be tested and treated at designated health facilities by the Government at their ouw cost.
  5. All travellers are required to truthfully fill in an on-line travellers’ surveillance form available at within 24 hours before arrival to Tanzania.
  6. All travellers, whether foreigners or returning residents, will be required to present a negative Covid-19 test certificate upon arrival. The test should be based on RT-PCR testing using sample collected within 72 hours before arrival to Tanzania.
  7. All travellers, whether foreigners or returning residents entering the United Republic of Tanzania, will be subjected to enhance screening for Covid-19 infection including rapid test. The cost of rapid test is 25 USD per person.
  8. Travellers on transit in other countries more than 72 hours will be required to be retested by rapid test upon arrival in Tanzania.
  9. While in the country, all international travellers should adhere to infection prevention and control measures such as hand hygiene, mask wearing and physical distancing as deemed appropriate.
  10. In case of any medical emergency while in the United Republic of Tanzania, please call toll free health emergency number 199.