SpazioSafari ltd

The first time I visited Tanzania I didn’t know what to expect. What I knew was that I wanted to spend some time with my sons and I wanted to spend it in Africa.

I decided to go to a travel agency and a very kind lady brought me through several options and showed me a wide range of possibilities. I had many brochures in front of me, each of them describing wonderful places, but I was hypnotized by one of the front covers pics of these brochures. It featured a large view of the Serengeti. In that exact moment I realized that was THE PLACE I wanted to visit. So we left Italy and arrived in Tanzania with great expectations.

During this first safari, we had the luck of meeting Moody, our guide, and we were amazed by his professionalism, his knowledge and his empathy. It was him who made the journey special. The difference between a guide and a GUIDE is the way in which they approach the clients and bring them through an experience, not merely a trip.

And I fell in love with this country.

I went back several times: for safaris, yes, but also to go up and down the territory. Tanzania is not only National Parks, it’s also culture, traditions and people. Wonderful people.

The idea of a safari company began to take shape in our heads. OUR idea of a safari company, in the total respect and preservation of flora and fauna species, the conservation of all the astonishing ecosystems that can be found, the interest towards the culture and the support for the battle agaist poaching.

Fortunately my son Filippo has shared my love for this land and has dedicated himself to the study of wildlife and wildlife management in a Tanzanian college, the same one Moody attended, in order to acquire a deep knowledge and the right disposition of spirit. He is now an irreplaceable member of our team, to which he brings the beauty and the enthusiasm of youth.

Moody, Filippo and I have worked a lot to create something special to give our clients: our aim is to enable them to be part of something, to bring back home the unforgettable memory of an unforgettable place.

This is the spirit according to which we decided to open SpazioSafari ltd, to give everybody the chance to be part of this beauty in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and in the total respect of the environment.

It’s not a business in the common sense that we usually give to this word, it’s above all passion and we are eager to share it with anyone who desires to experience it with us

Now SpazioSafari ltd is a reality: we hope to have the chance of meeting many of you.

The first time I visited Tanzania I didn’t know what to expect.

Now I know.