Duma safari

Today we are going to talk about a spectacular safari, the Duma safari, which will take us to visit Arusha NP, the Ngorongoro crater and the fantastic Serengeti.

Kilimanjaro International Airport is the entrance to the magical world of safaris: upon arrival you are greeted by a wall of guides waiting for customers, guests as they call them. Yes, because we are special for the guide who will follow us throughout our stay. He will do everything to make us feel good and comfortable.


Serengeti gate

The guides are incredible: they do this job with passion and the well-being of the wageni, the guests, is the focus of their days.

The dirt and sometimes muddy paths inside the parks leave the jeep rather battered when returning in the evening, but don’t worry, the next morning you will find it perfectly clean and tidy, ready to take you back to the savannah. Sometimes one wonders if they can sleep, but the guides are like that, efficient and helpful.

Departures in the morning are always early. Distances are considerable and the roads sometimes difficult, even if they are constantly improving.

Duma safari begins with a visit to Arusha NP precisely to give you a soft start in a park near the city, but full of incredible details.

This small park is largely covered by rainforest: the paths wind through a dense bush where small primates hide and strangling trees are numerous.


Moody and Filippo ready to enter

The main character of the park is Mount Meru, an ancient volcano that boasts the privilege of being the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro, more or less seventy kilometers away.

Another place of interest are the seven Momella lakes, alkaline lakes where flamingos find an ideal environment, but without forgetting the Ngurdoto crater, a small caldera rich in fauna.

The animals are numerous, even if the lion is completely absent. This fact may disconcert some, but it is positive in itself in terms of concentration of tourists: it gives the possibility to fully enjoy nature without the crowds that sometimes oppress the most famous parks.

On the third day, the program includes departure for the Serengeti. Three days and three nights in this park give the opportunity to discover many special corners, make incredible encounters and visit huge spaces with a little more calm and relaxation.

The Serengeti needs no introduction: it is probably the most visited park on the continent and the most filmed in general. There is one reason: within its 15,000 sq km you can find everything and you can have unforgettable experiences.



Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this park is the home of a very numerous fauna, as well as being the silent witness of the largest migration of herbivores that exists on Earth. They move by the thousands in search of pastures, and they walk. They walk incessantly to reach that Mara River beyond which they will find fresh pastures and water, the same Mara River where crocodiles wait for their preys for months and make a massacre every time. A tough show, not suitable for those who are impressed, but which testifies to the force of nature in all its power.

Returning from the Serengeti, on the sixth day, we arrive at Ngorongoro Conservation Area and descend into the crater: a true oasis for thousands of animals, a protected place where, even if very rarely, a black rhino makes its appearance leaving everyone breathless. The Rim that surrounds the caldera of the Ngorongoro crater is also a sight not to be missed: from there you can perfectly understand what power the explosion that millions of years ago caused the collapse of the volcano that created this wonderful place may have had.

Ngorongoro info

Ngorongoro info

You can stay in the crater for up to six hours to avoid an excessive concentration of vehicles, nevertheless it is almost impossible to find a day without overcrowding. We must accept to share these places with all the people who come to Tanzania every year to admire them.

The last night is spent in the village of Karatu where the accommodations are of an excellent standard and almost always surrounded by beautiful gardens.

On the last day we return to Arusha for the return journey. It is not easy to leave these places and a safari is a journey that leaves its mark.

I can only tell you that it is not written anywhere that you cannot return: we will be here waiting for you with other programs and new proposals !!

See you soon! 😜😜

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