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The staff of Spaziosafari Limited is ready to receive tourists who wish to visit Tanzania in agreement with the new rules indicated by the Tanzanian Government in order to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has published the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to guarantee the safety of tourists and staff.

Below we give a list of the rules that Spaziosafari Limited observes during the safaris:

  1. It is not possible to exchange handshakes
  2. Vehicles are sanitized on a regular basis and a hand sanitizer is always available on each car
  3. The guides always wear a mask and it is recommended to wear it also to customers
  4. Binoculars, books, luggage and other equipment are constantly sanitized
  5. Temperature control is done on arrival and as often as necessary
  6. Spaziosafari Limited uses accommodation facilities that scrupulously follow the indications for the implementation of preventive measures

The COMPANY REFERENT for any emergencies is


Telephone: + 255 782819029

who, in case of need, deals with the emergency  by facilitating evacuation procedures.

The Tanzanian EMERGENCY NUMBER is 199

Customers are required to have an insurance that covers evacuation costs