Doctor Maguo: a super vet in Tanzania


The streets of Arusha are characterized by a continuous coming and going of people and cars, beautiful plants, charming corners and … stray dogs and cats. Hundreds of stray, skinny, suffering dogs and cats, constantly and frantically searching for food, walk tirelessly. They are many, it is impossible not to notice them, and they reproduce, creating other desperate creatures. Estimates say that there are about two million and three hundred thousand stray dogs all over Tanzania: think about what number we would get if we added cats. Vaccinations

Moody and I adopted two of these dogs a few months ago: two big girls who are now in excellent health and cheer up our days by transmitting love and gratitude. I don’t tell you what state they were in when we found them. ☹

This adoption put us in contact with Dr. Evarest Maguo. We quickly found out that he wasn’t a common vet, but something very, very different. He is a true character, one of those extraordinary people who occasionally cross our lives. With a degree in environmental sciences and a master’s degree in zoology, he has dedicated his life to animal welfare, environment and education, in the hope of involving future generations in the protection and conservation of all animals. A profound professionalism shines through him from every gesture, passion from every smile. In addition to holding important roles at an institutional level (since 2010 he has worked as the district animal welfare inspector in Arusha, just to give an example), he has also founded two organizations dedicated precisely to animal welfare. Doctor Maguo

ELANG’ATA AGROVET SERVICES was born in Arusha in 1997 from the efforts of Dr. Maguo and his wife, with the core mission of providing assistance to farmers through new technologies and launching an information campaign on animal care. Among the fundamental values ​​stands out the desire to be the voice of the rights for those who have no voice.

PAWS TANZANIA (PROTECTION OF ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY) is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Dr. Maguo and Christina Urso-Cale, an Australian lady who has always been concerned with animals and their well-being. Through PAWS, vaccination and sterilization of stray animals and prevention campaigns have been activated, with workshops dedicated to raising awareness through training.

Both associations welcome volunteers from all over the world, motivated to contribute actively to the improvement of the projects put in place. This is one of the ways to help Dr. Maguo in his job, but donations are also essential. He is one of those famous drops in the ocean that make the difference. Volunteers

Visit his websites and social networks and you will discover a world.

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