Tanzanian cuisine

Whether grilled, fried or cooked with coconut, Tanzanian cuisine consists in meat and fish; it is, above all, protein-based.

Meat is usually beef (ng’ombe) or chicken (kuku), but you can find also goat meat (mbusi). Fish, tipalia, comes from Lake Victoria and it is consumed in inland areas, while in coastal areas and on the islands you can eat excellent sea fish.

The most common side dishes are mchicha,a type of spinach, kachumbari, a delicious salad prepared with tomatoes, carrots, zucchini and onions cut into thin strips, stewed beans, boiled white rice, and obviously ugali, a kind of stiff dough made of water and white cornmeal without salt. It is not only the most common side dish, but also Tanzania’s national dish. Salt is generally not used and it is put in the corner of every dish.

Many dishes are prepared with various spices in Tanzanian cuisine

As the Indian community is quite large, it has modified the local cuisine: such differences have now fully become part of Tanzanian cuisine. A classic example for this is sambusa, big fritters filled with spicy meat and vegetables: really mouth-watering!

Desserts are often prepared with rice, another basic food in Tanzania. Vitumbua are very tasty: they are sweet rice pancakes.

Moving now to drinks, Tanzanians drink mostly beer. The best beers are the Safari, the Serengeti and the Kilimanjaro.

If you are looking for an alcoholic drink, you must try konyagi, a kind of gin, which is perfect if added to some soft drinks.

Just a curiosity: in lodge and tented camps you will be given the cutlery but Tanzanian always eat only using their hands.