Tanzanite is a precious stone that can be only found in Tanzania, near the city of Arusha, in the Mererani Hills. It is the result of million-year morphological changes in the metamorphic slates which had turned into this exceedingly rare stone characterized by its unique deep indigo colour during thousands of years. Tanzanite can be also yellow and red, although the typical colour is exactly the one ranging from blue to violet. To understand its clarity, you can simply see through it with a light: the clearer the tanzanite, the more valuable it is.

It is not a very hard stone and in its rough state it is reddish-coloured.

It was given the name ‘tanzanite’ by the famous American jewellery in honour of Tanzania, its world’s only deposit; above that, in English its scientific name is similar to the word ‘suicide’, therefore it was better not to use it.

It remained unknown until 1967, when a Masaai tribesman discovered it. Since then, mining has never stopped.