Lake Manyara National Park

130 km far from Arusha, the Lake Manyara National Park can be reached from the Mto Wa Mbu village, the Swahili name that means ‘River of Mosquitoes’.

It is 360 km2wide, mostly covered by the lake and it has a great variety of wildlife, but more difficult to spot than in other parks due to its forest that is regularly wetted by underground springs.

These springs also enable many species of plants to grow, such as the mahogany, the fig tree and the tamarind.

Some areas of the park host sulphurous hot springs that have become flamingos’ house, as this animal does not suffer high temperatures.

Just a curiosity: Lake Manyara National Park is known for its legendary so-called tree-climbing lions, because of their habit of climbing umbrella acacias to get some fresh air and to go away from parasites that annoy them on the ground. What an unusual habit for a feline like it!