Tarangire National Park

120 km far from Arusha, Tarangire National Park spreads over an area of 2,600 km2and it is located in the eastern branch of the Rift Valley. The name of the park comes from the river that crosses it. Grasslands and swamps live side by side, but one of the park’s dominant feature is Lake Burunge, which plays a key role for the animals that inhabit it, including elephants.

The park is in fact famous for the large number of this species as well as for its baobabs. The presence of pythons is heavily advertised even though they are quite difficult to be spotted.

You will have the opportunity to see them only when they are on the trees after a delicious meal and during their long digestion.

In the dry season Tarangire National Park experiences a small migration of animals to the river: it is the best time for visiting it. Lake Burunge, which dries up leaving a salt crust during the dry season, is surrounded by delicate Euphorbia Candelabrum plants and between July and November its salty water is home to flocks of flamingos.