The Great Migration

The Great Migration is surely the most fascinating experience of any tour in Tanzania. It starts in Serengeti National Park, when 1.5 million wildebeests travel 800 km during the dry season to reach Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, seeking water and grazing.

Wildebeests are, however, never alone: zebras and other herbivores and, of course, some predators accompany them.

This migration, between June and September, involves crossing two rivers: the Grumeti River (in June) and the Mara River (end of August/September), both infested with crocodiles impatient to grab weaker preys.

In November, when rain begins to fall again in southern grazing, it is time to come home. Between December and March, these ungulates return to Serengeti’s plains, which offer them prime grazing lands. Female wildebeests give birth in this period: 500,000 newborn wildebeests join the already huge herds.

With no doubts a unique wonder: the last Great Migration left on Earth. You can’t miss it!