If you are looking for a good way to continue your holiday in Tanzania after a safari, I recommend you to spend a few days on Mafia island, some 130 km South of Dar es Salaam, a paradise made up of peaceful rhythms, underwater activities and cultural trips. The island is famous for its marine park and whale shark and it is a real gem as well as being the largest in the archipelago that takes its name, despite not exceeding 55 km in length. The main city and capital is Kilindoni and its backdrops are among the most spectacular of the entire East Africa coast. Mafia IslandWhy? For a combination of factors, including the nutrients brought by the delta of Rufiji river, very important for the marine ecosystem, and the mangroves, which protect the coast. The island’s MARINE PARK was inaugurated in 1995 and it is home to many species of fish, over 400. The ideal destination for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. The archipelago includes other small islands, both remote and interesting. Chole, where time seems to stand still and where, walking through its tiny paths, interesting encounters can be made in terms of flora and fauna and you can still admire the ancient art of building handmade dhows. dhowFor history and culture researchers, there are also some archaeological sites from the Shirazi period. Two other islands included in the Mafia archipelago are Juani and Jibondo, where green turtles go to lay their eggs and, depending on the season, hatching can become an exciting excursion. I would say that taking these natural beauties into consideration after a savannah safari can only add charm to an already extraordinary holiday.

The Dhow