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Before your departure, it’s necessary to be informed thoroughly in order to prevent any unpleasantness that could turn a dream vacation into a mishap or sometimes even a dangerous situation. That is why we have organized some key information for you: preparation will be your ticket to an absolutely perfect Safari in Tanzania. From booking, to departure and throughout your stay, Spaziosafari team will be constantly be committed to provide you with personalized and timely assistance. Therefore, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialized staff!
Tanzania cosa sapere: viaggiare informati e in sicurezza

Before leaving with us, remember to fill in the medical questionnaire and send it to us by e-mail to

What to know before leaving

Travel info

Natural fibers and neutral colors such as beige, tan, green or colors that do not deviate from those of the savannah environment are recommended for a safari in the parks. Avoid dark colors, especially blue and black. Long trousers and shirts with sleeves, comfortable shoes, a warm sweater and a windbreaker. Don’t forget hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, a pair of binoculars and photographic equipment.
If your travel plans include city trips and relaxation on the islands, there are no special clothing suggestions. Avoid heavy luggage: for small aircraft travels, we recommend soft bags that do not exceed 15 kg (some accept a maximum weight of 10 kg).

The facilities cover any kind of request: lodges, hotels, tented camps. You can choose your accommodation according to prices and find the most suitable solution for you.
Spaziosafari Ltd does not organize accommodations in public campsites as can alternative solutions can be found among those offered by local  accommodations in a comfortable and well-organized environment. 

As per the contract, all safari participants are required to take out travel insurance including repatriation to their own country for any unforeseen events that may occur during their stay in Tanzania and to download and complete the MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE to report any medical conditions and/or allergies.

Spaziosafari Ltd underwrites insurance coverage for each traveler with AMREF Flying Doctors for immediate assistance and transportation to the nearest urban center, where the patient is handed over to the operators of the insurance contracted at home.

The climate varies depending on the area of Tanzania you wish to visit. It is generally a tropical climate, but while it is humid on the coast with temperatures ranging from 26° to 30°, the inner area is drier and average temperature drops, especially in areas of considerable altitude, such as on the Ngorongoro Crater Rim and Kilimanjaro. Cities such as Arusha, located more than 1,000 meters above sea level, enjoy mild weather all year round, especially in July and August, when evenings and mornings are more than cool.

There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania: the big rains are from late March to May, the small rains from late October to early December. The Tanzanian summer covers the months of January, February, and March with sometimes very high temperatures.

Electricity in Tanzania is 110/240 volts. English-type three-flat reducers are needed, but the supply often suffers blackouts, so it is also advisable to use battery-powered equipment because not all lodges are equipped with generators. Recharging must be done at the reception desks of lodges and camps.

To call Italy the international dialing code is +39, followed by the city area code with zero and the phone number (for cell phones remove the zero). Rates are high, but hotels in major cities have a wi-fi service. In lodges and tented camps in the National Parks this service is not guaranteed. To phone from Italy to Tanzania the international dialing code is +255.

The time zone varies twice a year: two hours later than in Italian time from October to March, one hour from March to October.

Tanzania’s official languages are Swahili and English, as well as all dialects of the approximately 124 tribes.

They are not mandatory, but if the service has been satisfactory, they are greatly appreciated and denote consideration. Remember that euros and dollars coins are not convertible in Tanzania: use shillings for coins or banknotes for any other currency.

Starting from JUNE 1, 2019, it will no longer be possible to introduce and use plastic bags on Tanzanian territory. Visitors arriving in Tanzania are advised not to bring any type of plastic bag either through checked luggage or carry-on luggage. There will be special stations at all points of entry into Tanzania to check luggage and collect any plastic bags in them.

Entry into Tanzania is subject to the issuance of a tourist visa to be requested online at the Tanzanian immigration department:

Visas can also be obtained on arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, but not in Zanzibar where only those made electronically are accepted. The cost of the tourist visa is $50.

No vaccination is mandatory or required for tourists arriving from Italy. A vaccination certificate is required for those transiting from countries where yellow fever is endemic (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, etc.), even if only transiting through airports for more than 12 hours or with an external tour, whether entering or leaving Tanzania.

Other vaccinations recommended by the Italian Bureau of Hygiene are those against typhoid and hepatitis type A and antimalarial prophylaxis, especially if you are planning to stop in costal areas.
For more precise information, please consult the Farnesina website.

The currency is the TANZANIAN SHILLING. Currently one euro is worth between 2400 and 2650 shillings, but variations are not uncommon. U.S. dollars issued after 2006 are also accepted. Credit cards are accepted in hotels and supermarkets. It is possible to withdraw shillings from ATM stations for a small fee (about 8,000/12,000 shillings) in addition to the usual fees charged by Italian banks on foreign withdrawals.

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Contact the specialised team at Spazio Safari for any other questions regarding travel information. Let us organise together and without stress your dream safari to discover Tanzania.