Among the animals that you could meet during a safari in the savannah, the cheetah is undoubtedly the most elegant and harmonious.

Its lean and tapered body allows it to reach impressive speeds of up to 100/110 km per hour. A wonder of nature, a Guinness World Record sprinter.


It weighs around 40/60 kilos with the females slightly smaller and with a length of around 2 and a half metres, tail included.

The face is characterized by two black lines that run from the eyes to the muzzle, the so-called ‘cheetah tears’, and they are the only felines with semi-retractable claws, a characteristic that precludes them from climbing trees to secure their prey like the leopard with the consequence that their hunt is often taken by hyenas or lions before it can even feed on it.

Torna Su

Speed ​​is its only weapon: it doesn’t have enough strength to fight off other big cats or predators that threaten its food and its cubs and it has a gentle character. Its ideal terrain are the open areas of the savannah that allow it to run on flat ground, such as the plains south of the Serengeti where these cats are found in large numbers.

It has speed, beauty and grace, characteristics that make it quite defenseless in the savannah. It is true that it is very fast, but it has an autonomy of a few hundred meters, then it is forced to rest for half an hour before being able to continue the hunt.


Torna Su

It feeds every two or three days mainly on antelopes and gazelles and tends to hunt during the day. It eyes a prey, approaches slowly and when it finds itself close enough, it begins the chase, killing it with a bite to the throat which causes it to suffocate.

The mother takes care of weaning the puppies who stay with her for up to 15/20 months and teaching them survival techniques. The male tends to be disinterested, but often goes around with its brothers with whom it forms hunting groups.

The cheetah is not an endangered animal at risk of extinction, but it is considered vulnerable.
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