The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley is a huge crack in the earth’s surface that runs from Middle East to Africa, crossing it from the north to Mozambique.

Tanzania includes the eastern branch with Manyara and Eyasi lakes, just to give you an example, and the western branch with Tanganyica and Nyassa lakes.

These lakes were formed as the result of basins that cover all the Rift Valley, where you can also find canyons and other physical features typical of this area.

Its width can vary between 30 km and 100 km and it is up to a few thousand meters deep.

The large number of volcanoes of this area is influenced by geological transformations that have formed the Rift Valley, including Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Great Rift Valley offers breathtaking views and it gives Tanzanian area its most noticeable features.