Tanzania is famous for the beauty of its parks, flora and, above all, its fauna. Incredible animals populate the souvenir photos of safaris in the parks, but Tanzania is also famous for its commitment to the conservation and protection of all the ecosystems present and the wildlife that lives within them.

There is also a hidden Tanzania, which you of which you catch a fleeting glimpse as you pass through the streets of Arusha while in a Land Cruiser on your way to one of the Northern Circuit parks: the many stray dogs constantly searching for food.

DR. Maguo: the veterinarian who is changing the lives of stray dogs in Tanzania

Dr. Maguo is the founder of two Arusha-based associations and a highly experienced veterinarian. He has dedicated his life to helping forgotten animals and finding them a home. Massive vaccination and sterilization campaigns, informative pet education workshops. He spends his days in the field, where there are many needs.

Through PAWS TANZANIA (PROTECTION OF ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY) and ELANG’ATA AGROVET SERVICES, Dr. Maguo raises funds in order to keep his valuable work going.

Anyone who wishes to know more about Dr. Maguo’s activities can visit his websites and social media. Donations provide an opportunity to further his project and by volunteering is possible to help him directly in the field and have a unique experience.

Spaziosafari supports Dr. Maguo’s associations because it has touched firsthand the seriousness and dedication these people put into their work to make a difference-and they really do!