Visiting the African parks is already an adventure in itself and visiting a park where you are sure that the renowned Big 5 live inside adds a particular charm to the adventure because in the collective imagination these animals are the symbol of the richness of the African fauna. They are the icons of the African savannah.

This is the case of the Serengeti, an immensity of almost 15,000 square kilometers, where you can encounter all five of these wonders.

What are these five animals and why are they so famous that they attract visitors from all over the world? These are five powerful species, capable of dominating, each in their own way, the inhospitable African ecosystems. The weapons they use depend on the species and in general it is size for some, strength or collective power for others


The African elephant is gigantic, the largest land animal in the world. Its strength against predators is given by its several tons of weight, which discourages even the most daring.

The herds have a matriarchal structure: the females control them and unite them with close social bonds, especially between mother and cub. The adult male is more solitary and is occasionally subject to the must, when he is looking for a mate and becomes particularly dangerous.

They are very intelligent animals with very intense relationships, but they have to move often in search of water. The characteristic proboscis helps to eat plant species closed to other herbivores.

They need to drink regularly, but water is also used for their favorite pastime, bathing, which helps to lower the heat accumulated during the day and to get rid of parasites.

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In terms of size, the second star is the rhino, unfortunately almost extinct. In Tanzania there are still some specimens of black rhino, almost completely destroyed by poaching. Their physical characteristics are the armored skin and the important horn.

It is too big to be hunted and has poor eyesight. The males explore alone, the females, who sometimes form small groups, take care of the cubs who remain with their mother until their third year of age and with whom they establish a strong bond.


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Next is the buffalo, coveted by predators, but not so easy to catch because it is decidedly quarrelsome. The buffalo herds are gigantic and very well organized. The males, which reach 800 kilos, are powerful and are equipped with very hard horns which have the dual purpose of defending themselves and climbing up the hierarchy with ferocious clashes with other males to gain the right to reproduce. The power of the buffalo lies in the group, which compactly faces predators.

A group of these herbivores can take on even a pride of lions and are the most numerous of all the big 5. Old males move away from the group when they begin to have difficulty in fighting or following the herd and thus become more vulnerable and an easy prey.

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The most fascinating of the big 5 is certainly the lion, fourth in terms of size, but the largest of the African carnivores. It is confident and charming with his flowing mane. It inspires fear and respect at the same time.

Despite all these characteristics, life is not easy for lions in the savannah either. They must face heavy daily challenges if they want to survive.

They live in groups and hunt mainly at night, but hunting is not so easy for them either. They hunt in groups and this allows them to take even large animals.

They are the only truly social felines, with males larger than females and, unlike elephants, they have a patriarchal structure.

Often, during safaris, you notice them panting: it is their way of expelling heat.

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The last of the big 5, aesthetically beautiful and truly ferocious, is the leopard. He is elusive and famous for being very secretive. It can live in many habitats and this makes it the most widespread feline.

Leopard hunting is based on surprise. It lurks on a tree or in tall grass and strikes silently, but inexorably, suffocating its prey and carrying it to the branch of a tree to escape lurking lions and hyenas.

Leopard mating is short-lived, then males and females return to their solitary life.

It is also able to hydrate itself with the blood of its prey and this is the reason why it can go for long periods without water, unlike other animals.

All the big 5 have features that allow them to live in an adverse world. Strength, social organization, cunning.

All together, they represent the pride of the African continent, a magical place where a trip can become an unforgettable experience.

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